Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here is an autobiographical glimpse through portraits, snapshots and artefacts belonging to a turbulent relationship.

These images were captured during moments of duress, where there was a desire to regain stability while navigating a foreign landscape. They are a reaction to the various identities taken on during that relationship, some welcomed and some repulsed. By doing so, nakedness and privacy is exposed, serving as a souvenir to these sudden impulses of character, whether it be alone or with company, away or at ‘home’.

Purpretrator, victim or accomplise are only but a few in a multitude of the roles taken on during this time. They excite, inspire, confuse and isolate. It is impossible to conclude on merely one as both the characters and scenarios changed rapidly from one to another. The complexities lie in the implicit and often indirect nature of the photographs, as they serve to act as witness and memorial.