Cellophane Flowers

This series presents flowers under transparent plastic. The material is abstract to us and we see small fragments of light reflected in the cellophane. In their organic state, these flowers are wild and unrestrained, however here, the cellophane performs a double act. The first as protector, both obscuring our view of the subject and protecting the flower from our gaze - the second as perpetrator, showing how the plastic has the potential to suffocate the flower. 

With beauty comes adoration and worship. When perpetually unrealised or unattainable, this can lead to the temptation to destroy what is craved. Like most things in life, our desires are ever-shifting and evolving. As one state is reached, another is sought. The power of these flowers lie in their beautiful and elusive nature, fleetingly fragile, feminine, sexual, romantic, consoling. When presented as sole subject, we are asked to consider what does beauty mean to us - do we dare to desire if only to experience its loss? Do we dare to reveal ourselves, to be made vulnerable, or do we seek protection at the risk of suffocation? While under its close gaze we can contemplate the intricate structures of beauty, navigating the complexities of our own desires. 

edition of 8 +2AP

30 x 44 cm

Pigment Injet Print on Barya Hahnemühle paper 

edition of 3 +2AP

118 x 173 cm 

Lambda C-Type print 

Fiona_Mackay_Cellophane_Flowers_3 (2018)
Fiona_Mackay_Cellophane_Flowers_5 (2019)
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